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LIMBO available for LINUX (Natively atlast)

LIMBO does now properly supports LINUX and SteamOS.

Grab your copy in the Steam Store

Posted by Dino Patti June 23, 2014


LIMBO now available on the App Store

Please have a look at LIMBO for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

LIMBO on iTunes

Posted by Dino Patti July 3, 2013


LIMBO for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

A while back we decided to try to get LIMBO running on the “iDevices”… When we had it up and running, we were amazed by how well the game looked on the smaller screens, and decided to go all the way, even though we knew that nailing the “ultimate” touch based controls would be a serious drag and that optimizing the performance all over again would take a while, but here we are ready to launch, and we must admit that everyone at the studio are blown by the work the small port team has done with this version(and thanks to our numerous playtesters!).

We hope you’ll like this version of LIMBO!

LIMBO will be available worldwide on the App Store Wednesday, July 3rd, in your timezone, at $4.99 and will be running on iPad 2 (and higher), iPad Mini, iPhone 4S (and higher) and the latest generation of iPod Touch.

Posted by Dino Patti June 26, 2013


LIMBO on PS Vita

As we’re closing in on the 3 year anniversary of LIMBO, the game is finally available for PS Vita. It looks, feels and plays great on handheld devices and together with the talented people at Double Eleven, we’ve made sure that the PS Vita version stays true to the experience of the original game.


Posted by Dino Patti June 5, 2013


LIMBO in a box

So we’ve just released LIMBO SPECIAL EDITION. It’s a special designed hard cover edition of LIMBO. A true collectors item, or a great gift =)
It’s taken quit some time to get it done. We did some testing on the German market and saw that it’s something people like, so now everyone can order a copy.

Please head over to our store to find links for your favorite online store.

It's here... finally!

Posted by Dino Patti July 2, 2012